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June 13th, 2011

It’s been a quiet month here in Problemtown…

Actually, that’s a dirty lie.  Behind the scenes, things have been a little too busy to keep the comic up to date.  I’m really, truly sorry.  My calendar is bursting with to-do things as I move into summer.  First and foremost, conventions, conventions, conventions.

Toronto was a cool experience.  Met some really nice people and saw just enough to know that I need to go back for a visit.  But onward to Summit City Comic Con this weekend, then a series of weddings, then, well, you can see the schedule to the right there.  And it keeps filling up.  Very exciting and fun to meet fans and sell some merch (which is being stocked up so that I can open the webstore, as well.)

Apart form that, I’m breaking ground on a semi-hushhush comic project, details to come, and also churning out art and revisions on a board game project with my brother-in-law.  It’s made it through its first round of play testing with flying colors, so it moves forward at an accelerated pace.  Details, also, to come.

All this, plus this bothersome need to earn that sweet IT money, add up to a healthy pile of excuses.  Plus, I’m starting to miss my wife, whom I live with.

Just gotta find some balance, is all.  Thanks for your love and patience.  But this much I can say: Problemtown is not dead or dying, it merely has a slight cough.




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