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An excerpt from the Problemtown Town Charter, Article 9, Section 18, Paragraphs 7-9


§ 9.18 – Duties of the Office of the Mayor



¶ 7. From time to time, the Mayor (see §9.1 for definition) shall compose, to reasonable level of completion, a comic strip chronicling the progress and happenings of the citizenry of Problemtown.  These strips are intended to be as accurate as record allows.


¶ 8. The mayor shall present these comics to the outside world via the town’s internet site of record, which is to be maintained by the Mayor.  The Mayor may also, at will, present his journal entries to the town’s “blog” on the aforementioned internet site.   Fulfillment of these duties shall result in gains in the areas of tourism and commerce in Problemtown.


¶ 9. WHILST acting upon his duties as listed above, the Mayor promises to take these duties, as described above, very seriously indeed.