I know what you're thinking. But no, it's impossible to rap in haiku.

These Truths

EDIT:  Hi Reddit!
Monks are so cool.
SO the new Problemtown website is underway.  The final product will include links to the Mayor’s Blog and The Problemtown Chamber of Commerce (our storefront that is almost complete, just slightly delayed due to zoning restrictions and building codes.)
Feel free to follow us at http://facebook.com/Problemtown for news & updates.

April 3, 2011 @ 3:04 pm | 17 Comments

17 Responses to “These Truths”

  1. Bender says:

    so true.

  2. thejohnsondesign says:

    i love dis

  3. Whaaaat? That rhyme was so ill!

  4. thezenarcher says:

    I stayed at a zen temple once, and I actually met a guy there who MC’s for a living! Your comic isn’t too far off from reality…

    Also do you have an RSS feed?

  5. scoggs says:

    I loved the comic but a little piece of me wanted a snarky IT joke in there :P

    • ra3ndy says:

      Well thanks! And there’s plenty of time for snarky IT jokes still. Stay tuned.

      • scoggs says:

        I saw what merit you made someones bookmark list on so I figured I’ll tell you you made mine based on your drawing of text, everything else is just a bonus! The problemtown typeface is pretty sweet and the readability of the copy text is awesome too. Keep it up!

        • ra3ndy says:

          Hey thanks! I’ve found that i really love hand lettering. So much more personal i think. But man, making a typeface IS awful tempting now that you mention it…

  6. white1glint says:

    as a buddhist, haters gonna hate lol love this and your style keep it up! earned a spot on my bookmark bar!

  7. Gr33ned says:

    Problem??? /troll

  8. pussinspaceboots says:

    You’re definitely on my RSS feed for comics. Brilliant!

  9. SirAckleyShacklebot says:

    Best comics I’ve read in a WHILE.

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